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Shri Paramhans Education & Research Foundation Trust



IRJMSH was started in June 2010. The prime aim of this Research Journal is to share and link the Management Sociology & Humanities students and faculties, their views all over the world.
In 2011 The Research Journal started its association with nonprofit unit of Shri Paramhans Education & Research Foundation Trust.
This nonprofit trust has been started to serve the poor people and deprived students socially and economically.
This Journal is managed by professionals in the field of Sociology and Management and tries to provide all the possible resources to the students and faculty. We also offer best possible consultancy and research solutions for the industry and researchers.

The aim of these journals is to disseminate knowledge about emerging issues in the field of Humanity & Management throughout the globe. We Publish Outstanding Research work in all areas of Management, Sociology and Humanity. The journal gives emphasis on international issues which impact on local and global economy. We publish Articles, Research Papers, Conceptual Papers, Research Reports, Technical Reports, Reviews, and latest trends and developments in these ever-dynamic subjects.

Major Initiatives

Research Paper/Articles / Case Study with ISSN Number

Book Publisihing with ISBN Number (Online / Print)

Thesis Publications (Online / Print)

M.Tech / MCA / MBA Thesis Publications (Online / Print)

Story / Poem Publication

Number of submissions received - 6465


Number of Papers Published - 2005

Volume - 1         Year - 2010  Article Published -   36

Volume - 6         Year - 2015  Article Published -   550

Volume - 8         Year - 2017  Article Published -   24

Volume - 3         Year - 2012  Article Published -   95

Volume - 7         Year - 2016  Article Published -   361

Volume - 2         Year - 2011  Article Published -   60

Volume - 4         Year - 2013  Article Published -   289

Volume - 5         Year - 2014  Article Published -   590

  To become a world renowned service institution in Humanity & Management, facilitating students, faculty, and industries in the sphere of Education, Consultancy, Research solutions and Research Publication.

Facilitates the students to excel in their academic life.
Equip the students to fit themselves to the industrial needs.
To initiate desired transformations in the society.
Continuous research in Sociology ,Humanity and Management.

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