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The Trigunas’ concept of the Indian tradition has attracted the attention of psychologists in India which has been involved in the development of indigenous theories and models of human behavior, particularly personality. Here, attempts are made to relate effect of yoga on gunas. A sample of 91 management educators, 53 yoga practitioners and 43 senior citizens was selected on the basis of random sample technique. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The t-test was applied. The results indicate a significant difference in summative scores of Trigunas between management educators, yoga practitioners, and also between senior citizens and yoga practitioners. Findings of this study indicates that practice of yoga reduces Rajoguna significantly.

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Women suffer a high prevalence rate of several mental disorders. The Indian data shows that 23.4% of women meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder, 8.6% for depression, and 11.6% for a mood disorder. Compared to men, women are two times more likely to be depressed and two to three times more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders such as panic disorders, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, and Posttraumatic Stress. Due to experiencing a high number of mental disorders, women’s psychological well-being (PWB) has been questioned (OWH, 2009). Considerable research describes the negative influence psychological distress has on women’s lives, but little is understood of what constitutes PWB..

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High performance work practices (HPWPs), a term used to denote a system or bundle of management and HR practices designed to elicit employee commitment and involvement such that employees become a source of sustainable competitive advantage discusses the preconditions necessary for creating successful employee involvement. The paper envisages the role of HPWP in the quality of IT professionals.

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The purpose of the present study was to investigate the emotional maturity of Adolescent Muslim girls in relation to their academic performance. A sample of 800 students of ninth Class was taken from five districts of North Karnataka. Tool used was Emotional Maturity Scale standardized by Dr.Yashvir Singh and Dr. Mahesh Bhargava. The objectives were to find out the level of emotional maturity among adolescent Muslim girls and to examine the relationship between academic performance and emotional maturity of these girls. The investigator also studied the different factors with respect to emotional maturity. The result revealed the level of emotional maturity differed with respect to different factors and also found a significant relation between emotional maturity and academic performance of the adolescents’ girls.

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ब्रिटिष सरकार के द्वारा दास प्रथा समाप्त करने के बाद विभिन्न औपनिवेषिक गन्ना कालोनियों मे श्रमिकों की कमी के कारण भारत से श्रमिकों का प्रवास कराया गया जिन्हे शर्तबन्ध श्रमिक अथवा गिरिमिटिआ श्रमिक के नाम से जाना जाता है। फिजी मे भी इन श्रमिकों का प्रवास कराया गया था। आरम्भ मे षर्तबन्दी श्रमिक व्यवस्था के दौरान इनको अनेंको समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ा था, जिसका समय≤ पर इन प्रवासी श्रमिकों ने बिरोध भी किया था परन्तु राजनैतिक चेतना न होने के कारण इनका विरोध प्रभावी नही हो रहा था। धीरे-धीरे यह श्रमिक अपने आप को फिजी का ही स्थाई निवासी मानने लगे थे। अपने मूल वतन से हजारों मील दूर इन प्रवासियों ने अपने धार्मिक और सामाजिक जीवन को बचाए रखने के लिए अनेको संस्थाओं का गठन किया और अपनी मूल संस्कृति और सभ्यता को जीवित रखा। कृषि एवं व्यापार करके वहाॅं की अर्थव्यवस्था को एवं अपने आप को मजबूत बनाने का प्रयास किया। वहाॅं के स्थाई निवासी हो जाने के कारण राजनैतिक भागीदारी मे हिस्सा लेने के लिए संघर्ष किया जिसके परिणाम बाद के वर्षों मे आए।

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An interchange amid two or more folks or revelries envisioned to grasp a valuable conclusion over one or more problems defines negotiation. This paper is about "An insight into the dynamics that influence a successful negotiation". In today’s world, negotiation is widely practiced everywhere. Right from joining hands with domestic customers to signing up business deals with external organization or countries, most instances come across negotiation. The growing prices, the difference in the standard of living between entities, the difference in one’s thoughts etc. may be few reasons for it. This study gives a broad understanding about negotiation. In the beginning, we discuss the concept of bargaining and negotiation. In this part, we will be highlighting the main difference between these two terms with an example. Following this, the skills and the possible outcome of negotiation are being described, where the significance of the skills are explained for a successful negotiation. Additionally, we learn about BATNA and ZOPA, which are again important assets.

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In the present era most of the teachers and educational institutions are facing problems about maintaining the status of teaching and qualitative improvement in teaching-learning process. These problems are occurring due to changing needs and expectations of the society. Rapid changes and innovations in the information and communication technology are also imposing this type of problems because most of the pupils get the curricular related information early before classroom teaching in satisfactory manner and then they (students) rate their teachers indirectly. Teachers and educational institutions do not come to know what are happening in students' mind and what perceptions students have about teachers' performance. In this way we can say that the students are tending to evaluate their teachers work in informal ways. If we think about administration related perspectives, main interest of every administration is on whether the teaching- learning process was fruitfully completed or not and for this purpose every administration wants to evaluate their teachers. In both of the cases i.e. at students' point of view and administration point of view teachers are expected to do their job according to the needs of best possible learning outcomes. That's why evaluation of teachers is in practice (formally or informally). This survey provides a platform for researchers to find out the gapes and scope for future studies.

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Brand loyalty is undoubtedly one of the most sought after topic for marketers all around the world. In an era where the market is flooded with similar products from different brands having more or less similar functionalities, consumers are often spoilt for choices. In fact, in order to achieve a competitive advantage, marketers must harp mostly on consumer psychology so as to attract them and retain them for lifetime. Brand loyalty can be defined as the extent of consumer faithfulness towards a specific brand and this faithfulness is expressed through repeat purchases and other positive behaviors such as word of mouth advocacy, irrespective of the marketing pressures generated by the other competing brands (Kotler & Keller, 2006; Kotler, et al., 2008). Consumer brand loyalty and relationship model was first propounded by S Fournier (1998) wherein the relationship with brands was compared to human relations. This led to the development of the immensely popular BRQ scale (Fournier 1998). Since then, consumer brand relationships have been studied extensively with several new dimensions being added to the brand consumer relations. However, many conundrums do exist. This study aims to establish a model or construct that re-interprets the consumer brand relationship. A questionnaire has been developed on the basis of Brand Attributes (Based on 7Ps of marketing), Brand Differentiation, Brand Relevance, Brand Esteem, Brand Knowledge, Brand Experience, Brand Association, Brand Trust and Brand Salience. As the aim of the research is to subsequently investigate the impact of the aforementioned variables on Brand Loyalty, Loyalty has been kept as the outcome variable in the questionnaire. This questionnaire had been distributed among customers and the data was collected. The analysis had been done so as to examine the most significant factors affecting brand loyalty has been extracted and the efficiency of these factors either in isolation or in combination has been evaluated.

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In the 21st century due to advancement of science, technology and educational system the life style of individual’s changes in a greater extend which cause many psychological problems by which the youth become emotionally disturbed and unstable. On the other hand Adolescence, itself is an unstable, unbalanced and unpredictable period in human life. Home environment has a very important role in making the person emotionally stable. If an adolescent cannot adjust properly in his social and educational environment then he has got frustrated and comes under stress. The home nurtures the individual and prepares him for his role and function in society. The main objectives of the topic are to find out the significant impact of home environment on emotional intelligence of higher secondary students. A sample size of 400 Boys and 400 Girls total 800 Class-XI Students were selected and taken up for the study. Home Environment Inventory developed by Dr.Karuna Shankar Mishra and Emotional Intelligence Inventory by Dr.S.K Mangal and Mrs.Shubhra Mangal was used for the study. It has been found that, there is a significant impact of home environment on emotional intelligence of both boys and girls students of higher secondary schools..

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MUDRA started with the vision to be an integrated financial and support services provider par excellence benchmarked with global best practices and standards for the bottom of the pyramid universe for their comprehensive economic and social development in India considering the mission to create an inclusive, sustainable and value based entrepreneurial culture, in collaboration with our partner institutions in achieving economic success and financial security. MUDRA, in Hindi, means currency/capital. It is hoped that the currency/capital would become the key to the success of small enterprises.

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The study seeks to identify internal audit practices and toassess the role of internal audit in quality health delivery at St. DominicOrthopaedic Hospital, Akwatia. The study documented and reviewed the internal audit practices of JOH. The research design used was a descriptive research approach which essentially presents and describes quantitatively identify internal audit practices at DOH. Questionnaires were designed and administered to internal audit staff and patients of DOH. The population of study is 30 internal audit staff and over 193 patients per day. For staff the purposive and random sampling method was used in selecting the sample size of 17 internal audit staff and for patients I used accidental and convenience method of 100 patients of DOH. From the study, it was found 17 respondents, 1 representing 5.9% strongly disagrees, 5 respondents representing 29.4% are neutral, 10 respondents representing 58.8 % agree, and the remaining 1 respondent representing 5.9 strongly agree. From this analysis, it can be concluded that, the current structure of internal audit promotes objectivity, consistency and, business understanding. Based on the findings, I recommended thatmanagement should continue to make sure that internal auditors are generally free from intervention in performing its duties without any interference. Furthermore management should make sure that internal audit activities, power and duties, and reporting lines of internal audit which are clearly defined in the internal audit charter/policy and the current structure of internal audit which have led to the promotion of objectivity, consistency and, business understanding are always improved so that, organization will continue to o achieved it goals.