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Volume -8 Issue - 12
Month [Year] -- December [2017]
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Abstract: The blue-chip company is one type of companies which yield based on the market movement and the risk involved also high therefore the study has been taken to study how the banking companies are diversifying the investment based on the blue-chip companies.

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The objective of the present study was to investigate A study of self-confidence of adolescents in relation to their stream, type of college and academic achievement. For this purpose 284 adolescents has been taken from aided and self financed college related to science and commerce stream adolescents through purposive sampling between the age range of 17 to 18 years. Self-confidence inventory developed by Dr Rekha Gupta was used to find out the self-confidence among adolescents. Students result is considered to determine the academic achievement. To analyze and interpret the data, mean, S.D., t- test and Pearson Product Correlation coefficient were used.

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The Progressive and pro-people thoughts and movements emerged in Karnataka since medieval Karnataka . In medieval period such movement was led by Sri Basaveshwara and Kanaka Dasa. Which later on became bedrock to the emergence of powerful Dalit movement in modern Karnataka. British Education and the Missionary activities for the upliftment of Panchamas by Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV and the straggle of Phule, Shahu, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Movements created mass awakening among the Dalits. It also gave rise to the emergence of powerful Dalit thinkers in contemporary Karnataka. Further the emergence of Dalit organizations and political parties since 1970’s onwards gave fill up to the regeneration of Dalit Movement. Indeed the Bhosa community. Its episode is a corner stone for the emergence of Dalit Sangrsh Samiti, Bandaya and Dalit literary movement, through which Dalit thinkers forward to the limelight of socio-political life. This became platform for the Dalit thinkers and intellectuals. In view of this the present study focuses on critically analyzes about the Dalit-Bahujan thinkers.

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Abstract The state in south asian context has been a much debated and discussed concept. The nature and significance of state in the everyday lives of people and its consequences on effective governance are some of the prime reasons why state as a concept has been such a intensely debated concept in south asian academia. In this paper, I will specifically draw upon the historical development and imagination of the concept of state in south asia. Specifically I will engage with how varied early mordern thinkers of south asia imagined the state with reference to religion and the consequences it had on the partition of 1947 and on the disputed territories like Jammu and Kashmir.

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Violence is emerging in an unprecedented manner in human society. Looking at the world today any sensible person feels disheartened and even horrified to see the kind of violent acts being committed by man against man and nature. It is sad to realize that we live in an era of unprecedented violence in the forms of terrorism, war, crime, injustice, oppression and exploitation. In contrast with a seemingly outward development enjoyed by a few, the majority of mankind lives in stark poverty, struggling for bare survival. There is lot of confusion and disorder in the society which man has built for him.